Our first MAEVA Maker - a collaborative, limited edition artistry series celebrating local creators.


What was the inspiration behind the new MAEVA collection? 

Sara: MAEVA stands for strong, confident women, so I wanted my line drawing to be a reflowing and repetitive piece of faces of string powerful female forces. The illustration was purposely designed so that when you lay it out across the material, it perfectly repeats itself. I wanted the drawing itself to also be subtle, to allow for the women wearing MAEVA to shine. 

Walk us through your design process (pretty please).

Sara: The design began by garnering inspirational and powerful portraits of women. I then started sketching different faces at various angles. The process to make these designs connect harmoniously was a lengthy one, with much trial and error. They need to work harmoniously and gather at a point. I envisaged them connecting when repeated, so I sketched the perfect pattern of these four faces various to form a whimsical loop.


What's a typical day (if there is such a thing) in your life working on a project like this one?

Sara: My typical day is to wake up and first thing have an espresso shot to get me going. I'll have breakfast and head up to my studio. It's a space that inspires me without fail every day. I love sketching with music in the background, so I hit the tunes in the early morning to sketch, and then attend some client meetings. I do tend to work until late, but it's something I'm trying to work on to have more of a work-life balance. But then again, when you're so passionate about what you do, it doesn't really feel like work. Staying up late to sketch never feels like a burden. 

Who do you envisage wearing the range?  

Sara: I think my range is purposely designed to inspire any women that put them on. I want the person wearing them to feel happy and inspired .

How does the female form and shape dictate your artistry? 

Sara: The female form heavily influenced this design. I wanted these pieces to be inspired by women, so the simple curve motifs and elegant design represents and reflects the dichotomy of strength and vulnerability in every wearer. 

Sara wears her own whimsical pattern-work - these dreamy sets are wearable works of art. Ready for the red-hot Australian summer and cultivated by local female forces, this collaborative capsule is the first in our limited edition artistry series.